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fractal77 ([personal profile] fractal77) wrote2017-04-10 09:37 pm

Live Music

I have been going to see quite a lot of electronic live music lately. There is a good lot of stuff on in Manchester, lots of bands/DJs include Manchester on their tour if they are coming to the UK and I live a 10 min taxi ride from the main venues. Recent gigs attended in 2017:

* Trentemoller
* VNV Nation
* Assembladge 23
* Nathan Fake
* Soulwax (and 2ManyDJs as a seperate gig)
* Luke Vibert
* Ceephax Acid Crew

I've also got tickets to see in the next few months:

* Mesh
* Leftfield
* Blue Dot festival (Orbital, Soulwax, Pixies, Vitalic, Andrew Weatherall, DJ Yoda)