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My Music

As said before, I produce electronic music as a hobby. The approach I take is different from most established artists you are probably used to hearing, in that I use physical synthesizers a bit like this:

Making music with modular synthesizers instead of in the computer doesn't really appear to make the music 'better' in general than results you can get if you produce music fully 'in the box' or on the computer. In fact I would say it's a lot more difficult to make music without a computer than in it, especially the monsterous machine that I have created.

However the process of making that music is a lot more fun.

I suppose you could say I make music for myself. It sounds awfully introverted to say that, but although I do enjoy other people listening and appreciating what I make, when I spend 6-8 hours working on a piece of music it has got to a) sound interesting to me and have achieved this while b) being fun to make.

This differs from a lot of artists with aspirations to record an album etc, who concentrate on the end result and are prepared to do anything to get to that end result, including making tracks purely of samples ripped off from other peoples records. It's easier to make tracks sound good with samples, and listeners really don't care as long as it sounds good, but for me, it isn't what I want to be doing.

I want to create something original (and often experimental) with a synthesizer that I have made and whether it sounds good to everyone else is almost besides the point.