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fractal77 ([personal profile] fractal77) wrote2017-04-08 05:39 pm
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Instead of inundating everyone on my Facebook with every little update, I thought I would try and keep a journal at Dreamwidth, as it was recommended by a friend.

Some random facts about me:

* I live in Manchester, UK, in a house quite near the city center.
* I work in Technology, that's 'IT' if you like calling it that.
* I like music, both making, listening to it, and going to live gigs. I have quite a lot of electronic music-making equipment and a small home studio.
* My girlfriend is from Berlin, she has a flat there and is in the process of moving over to Manchester.
* I'm left-wing politically.
* I used to work for the BBC.
* That baby in the pic is me!
* My favourite drink is cider.

I will try to keep this journal updated here as 'things of note' happen in my life.